About The Market Research Company

Two very simple ideas underpin our research - delivering high quality research fieldwork for the best possible price.

The result is over 2000 successful research projects covering 35 countries and over 25 years experience.

Survey Prices

Call us on 01743 352041 just to discuss any survey; see many consumer survey prices now by clicking here, or if you know your requirements just enter the details on our live webform.

Or to learn more please take a look around the site.

Market Research Company
Business Samples

IT decision-makers, Company FDs, HR Managers, Manufacturers, SME Owners, Headteachers, GPs, Dentists. Call us for your sample.


Consumer Samples

UK adults, UK Mums, 5 - 16 year olds, Savers, First time buyers, >£50,000 household income, Drivers, Pet owners. Call us for your sample.

PR Samples

Convicted Burglars, Police Officers, Plumbers/builders, Headteachers, Nurses, Journalists, Facebook users. Call us for your sample.

Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study