Q. How much will a UK consumer survey cost?

A. With a statistically robust sample using a cross-section of UK online adults fielded with the excellent Google Consumer Surveys the price is £825 plus vat.

UK Consumer Survey Lowest Cheapest Price

If you need a more specific consumer sample - for example UK women, or only women under 35 - then the prices would be as follows:

UK Consumer Survey Lowest Cheapest Price

Other samples available at these prices are:

• UK women
• UK men
• Scotland only
• Wales only
• London only
• Women only in London only
• Wales only
• Under 25s
• Women aged 25 - 34
• Over 55s

To confirm a price for a proposed survey just call or request a price online.

International Consumer Surveys - For international research in the United States and Europe the prices are the same (if you supply the translation, or we can arrange translations).

What other samples are available?

The price depends upon the proportion of the population that the sample represents. Examples include:

Online Survey Prices for UK Bespoke Samples

Please check with us for a quotation.

What sample size do I need?

There are always two answers to this question. For statistical purposes such as scientific market research the recommended sample size is lower than the sample size usually considered suitable for media coverage.

This is because journalists and broadcasters have somehow become conditioned to think that all samples of less than 1000 or 2000 (quite a difference) is for some unexplained reason not enough.

The chart below shows exactly what happened to a real survey finding as the sample size increased from a sample of just 25 respondents to 3000 respondents.

What is the right sample size

The chart shows that the survey would have yielded very comparable results from both the very smallest to the largest sample size.

With a sample size of 25 the result was 56%; at 3000 it was 62%. In general, with a cross-section of consumers 500 is sufficient for statistical reliability.

Some useful points to note:

• The samples of 25 and 3000 are in the same ballparkresults-wise

• Above 200 the line is pretty much a straight one

So when budget is tight a sample of 500 is more than adequate to produce sound national results.

Counter-intuitively - and this is perhaps the hardest thing to understand in statistics - the number of people in a country is irrelevant statistically. Surveys in both the UK and the USA commonly use sample sizes of 1000 - yet the UK is a fifth of the size population-wise in comparison with the United States.

Finally, for regional results taken from within a national sample then 1000, 1500 or 2000 samples ensures that the regions too will have numbers large enough to give sound findings.

How do I commission a survey?

Simply call us on 01743 352041, or email us, or use this online form. The Survey Shop has over 25 years experience on the creative side, writing questions that will win journalists' attention and media coverage.

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