Q. How can we make our survey stand out from the crowd?

A. Speaking fluent PR (both the consumer and B2B dialects) and having worked within and with PR agencies large and small for over twenty years, we can usually make sure your survey will succeed. By suggesting a special sample, an innovative approach, a novel angle, or all three.

We understand both how to spark journalists' interests and which apparently good, yet over-used, questions they see frequently.

Advice is free. Sample size. Methodology. Questions. Writing, tweaking and editing questions and questionnaires is also part of the service - we are delighted to add to the creative process.


Thought Leader Reports

"But there are too many surveys ..." A common lament and true, in part. Low cost online polls mean that each week, every day from Monday to Friday, journalists can pick from a fresh bunch of 'new' surveys, many with the latest instalment of whatever the proverbial 2000 UK adults said next. Obviously isn't space for all. Poor media take-up is a common result. That and sometimes an awkward next client-meeting.

Yet good surveys work, and always will, and one trick to ensure yours will still be a standout even on a busy news day is to choose a distinctive sample, one that is rarely seen, and/or is especially apposite to the story and the target audience.

For B2B clients an authoritative expert report created from the findings of a survey and published by your client elevates the research above the releases proclaiming news of just a further set of results of a 'new' survey.

We are experts in the planning and production of thought-leadership reports. Starting with the plans and foundations we'll help make sure the types of question used will produce results optimised for charts and graphs (thinking about how the report will appear on the page is too late when the results have been delivered).

We are always pleased to discuss the best way of planning, researching and writing a report: whichever sector your client operates in we will have valuable experience gained from previous experience of research in that sector. Just call us on 01743 352041 to talk about a potential project for your special client.

1st Class EXPert reportS

Hand a report to someone and nearly always their attention is drawn first to the graphics.


We think graphics first, then copy. Both are designed for the client's target audience. Copy for technical specialists gains credibility by using scientific or statistical language, a style that would lose general readers.


We have produced reports for audiences at all levels and will be pleased to discuss the best approach for the interpretation of your findings.

2nd most important factor

The 2nd most important factor in PR research and surveys is asking the right questions. (The first priority is choosing a sample whose opinions will be most newsworthy for the target audience.)


We look at every draft questionnaire in two ways. Firstly will it work technically (an online questionnaire can be totally useless in a telephone interview). Secondly, will it meet your objectives? Will journalists be interested, or will true customer opinion be represented by the results?



3rd party anonymity

We help customers get their clients honest opinions by setting up a 'Chinese Wall'.


We receive their honest responses by promising to preserve their anonymity. Negative responses (hopefully not many, but much more valuable than praise) won't be linked to them individually in the results.


Proper warts and all feedback is important, and we use both email and telephone methodologies to make sure that the sampling is as representative as possible. Coded email invitations enable us to follow up 'missing persons' with a phone call without bothering those who've already participated.

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