Q. How do you find specific samples for business surveys?

A. Knowing what is achievable is important. When planning a survey we use information gained in earlier projects to decide on the best methodology (typically online or telephone), whether an incentive will be needed, and an upper sample size we can promise to deliver.  

Our credentials are second to none. We've conducted literally hundreds of successful B2B surveys of all sizes from a handful of interviews to several thousands. Our work has covered all conceivable business activities and the public sector.

We also write attractive reports, run online email inivitation surveys and analyse data from paper questionnaires.

Just contact us for free advice on any proposed project (01743 352041) or a price quotation - completely free of obligation of course.


Large Companies

Large companies, about a third of the UK economy - are virtually unobtainable samples in the online survey world. Not surprisingly, their key people are rarely found signing up for online panels..


We use traditional telephone methodology to access these samples.

IT surveys

We have a particular interest in IT and have run surveys of system managers, web managers, network engineers, support managers, independent consultants, hardware suppliers, security specialists, school IT managers and SME IT decision-makers.


Specify almost any IT sample and we will deliver the results.


Customer satisfaction

When a brewer wanted to survey their pub managers and customers we conducted the research. Similarly we have checked how happy business finance referrers were with a leading invoice factor and racehorse owners were for a racing charity.


Online, telephone and postal: channels are combined to ensure maximum participation.

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