Q. I don't know if you can help but can you..?

A. Yes, we probably can. Our many clients in PR have used The Survey Shop for some far from usual purposes. We supply samples of convicted burglars - something no other supplier could. When the Multiple Sclerosis Society wondered how 14,000 four-page questionnaires could be analysed we were pleased to help. International research amongst C-level business leaders was our brief from a magic circle law firm.


Don't hestitate to call us if you have a seemingly impossible problem. We don't promise to be able to fulfil every request, but if we can't help we'll still help with advice on achievable alternatives.

international research

Commissioning a survey across several countries each speaking a different language may seem a problem. We've done it many times.


Just tell us which countries. Your results can be either English-only or with a country-version in every language.

Street surveys

Real live people somewhere need interviewing? Shoppers, visitors to a show, students, a particular town?


We put our people in the field for you and run your survey face-to-face.


Paper-based questionnaires, can still be the only way to go. Maybe it's a conference or customer responses.


Just send the whole pile of forms to us for turning into crisp, freshly cross-tabulated results with full-listings of open responses if applicable.

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Case Study
Case Study
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